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NetImpact Contractor Onboarding™


A front-end, user-friendly application that allows requestors to start a new contractor onboarding application. Within the app portal, users can make changes, upload additional documents, submit inquiries to the approving office and track the status.Users can submit in-app messages automatically, generating an email reply. Customized reports provide detailed information on specified onboarding applications. The app has the ability to set up various security groups and assign different roles to users. Contractor Onboardng App™ makes the process easier, saves time and helps enable smoother contractor onboarding.

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Key Features

  • Onboarding contractors use the app portal to complete the onboarding application, upload documents, make updates and track status. Requests and responses generate emails for prompt reply.
  • Security groups can be created and assigned different roles to gather appropriate approvals throughout the process.
  • Workflows can be customized to each organization and integrated with current systems to ensure a seamless flow for completion of the onboarding process.
  • Self-generated reports create metrics on onboarding progress for various contractor groups. Customized reports can be tailored to the individual organization.
  • Dashboards reporting provides current information to track progress and status.


  • Customized Reporting
    Customizable reporting is automated and allows for continuous monitoring and transparent status for applicant and user.
  • Configurable Workflows
    Configurable workflows can be customized to each agency's individual needs. Integrated workflow management ensures follow-up and closure at each step along the way.
  • Onboarding Application Portal
    The app can reduce the time for contractors to onboard due to more information visibility.
  • Dashboard Reporting
    Dashboards provide progress visibility and transparency.

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