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NetImpact Federal Workflow Engine™


The ServiceNow Federal Workflow Engine™ is a front-end, user-friendly application that enables the creation of automated workflows for mission-supporting business processes under a single user platform. This application consolidates essential processes into one common system with workflow automation, data sharing and reporting; simplifies approvals and requests; converts ad hoc, email and manual processes into end-to end-digital workflows; and reduces backlog and cycle time for repetitive processes.

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Key Features

  • Enable automated workflows to track and respond to data calls. Standard review and approval cycles can be created to meet data call response deadlines.
  • Develop and track authorizing legislation implementation activities, including reports and studies, funding announcements, and administrative actions such as guidance documents.
  • Create automated workflows for agency requisitions, including documenting the request, budget line item, validation of availability of funds, and requisition approval. Requests can be customized and printed out on agency standard forms (USDA and GSA Forms provided).
  • Develop, track, and support the approval for employees to engage in outside activities such as as speaking, training and consulting work through automated workflows.


  • End-to-End Digital Workflows
    Converts ad hoc, e-mail and paper-based processes into end-to-end digital workflows.
  • Increased Employee Productivity & Engagement
    Increases productivity as employees work in a single system with common views of status, required actions, and reporting. Improves employee engagement with simplified approval and request processes.
  • Reduced Backlog and Cycle Time
    Reduces backlog and cycle time for repetitive mission supporting business.
  • Single System of Action
    Consolidates mission-supporting business processes into a single platform and "system of action" with workflow automation, data sharing and security, reporting and analytics.

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