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NetImpact NIST Data Governor™


The NetImpact NIST Data Governor™ provides a framework for categorizing data stored within ServiceNow against the NIST 800-60 data information types. By proactively identifying the sensitivity of data that fields are intended to hold, the NetImpact NIST Data Governor makes it easier to manage data risk, minimize sensitive data leakage, and audit or set appropriate access controls.

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Key Features

  • ISSO and other parties are able to quickly summarize information about the categories of data held within the environment with reports and dashboards.
  • Privacy Officers and data owners can easily identify sensitive data with PII, SPI, or PHI for data security auditing and management with just one scan.
  • Ready-to-go reports show what types of data are retained and how many entries exist by data type - delivering a single click categorization snapshot.
  • NDG shows fields that have been cataloged, need to be cataloged, and what kind of data you currently hold based on what has so far been cataloged.


  • Shortened ATO Process
    Shortens the ATO process through workflows that help security personnel categorize ServiceNow data against the NIST 800-60 Categorization Framework.
  • Automated, Continuous Reviews
    Continually validates data categorization against your security level (e.g.: FISMA Low, Moderate, High), and identifies deviations from authorized categorization level - surfacing information to your security personnel and system owners.
  • Improved Security Posture
    Brings information about what types of data are stored within your instance to where the data is, instead of being located on another platform - improving the security of your data and centralizing the information in one place!

NetImpact NIST Data Governor™ now available!

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