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NetImpact Self-Reporting Asset Auditor™


The NetImpact Self-Reporting Asset Auditor™ is a ServiceNow app that manages IT asset inventories easily through the ServiceNow Portal and its Android and iOS mobile apps for remote reporting. The app maintains validated self-reporting, decreases process cost, improves time efficiency, and strengthens information fidelity. IT inventories are managed continuously for better control of IT audit management.

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Key Features

  • Mobile App users can scan barcodes or enter asset tags - making it easy to remotely validate assets assigned to users or to update ownership of assets and add new assets. Track multiple assets across a widely geographically dispersed base of tens of thousands of users in minutes!
  • Product owners can send requests to groups through validation campaigns to manage inventory by location or other selections and users can take advantage of the self-reporting convenience for quick responses.
  • Users can create tickets in the ServiceNow portal and make changes to information identified as incorrect - empowering users to own their data as much as they own their assets and avoid future corrections.
  • Dashboards for campaign managers and asset managers track historical and current performance information about usage and validation campaign progress.


  • Mobile App for Remote Access
    Remote reporting capabilities make asset management more cost efficient, timely, and helps meet the needs of today's remote environment.
  • Self-Reporting Management
    Convenient self-reporting through the Service Desk portal creates an convenient way of capturing real-time information for asset management.
  • Dashboard Tracking & Reporting
    Dashboards track and report historical progress allowing for continuous monitoring while improving management and reporting for IT asset auditing.
  • Group Reporting Campaigns
    Reporting campaigns reduce effort in managing the data call and data collection process to improve reporting and auditing accuracy and timeliness.

NetImpact Self-Reporting Asset Auditor™ now available!

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