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May 17, 2022

At-Impact and Dark Wolf Enterprise Toolchain to Support Kessel Run

Falls Church, Va. - May 17, 2022 - At-Impact, in partnership with Dark Wolf, was awarded the Kessel Run's Enterprise Toolchain contract (Kessel ET), a $41M CIO-SP3 SB award to provide Commercial IT services and the integrated support team needed to enhance Kessel Run's capabilities. Under Kessel ET, At-Impact and Dark Work collaborate to deliver a turnkey, secured software environment solution to enable modern, remote development using agile, DevSecOps, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) in support of its existing 60+ and any new applications.

The At-Impact team will provide a comprehensive and systemic approach to integrated software acquisition and license management for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software and business tools from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The At-Impact team's 6-component (6C) integrated software service solution delivers accurate and timely data for decision making and cost saving analysis and a software environment founded in best practice that accelerates time to value and mission support for Kessel Run and its 1,700-person development team.

“Kessel Run's investment in revolutionizing Air Force's development capacity and security operations is leading-edge.” Stephanie Wilson, NetImpact Chief Operating Officer (COO). “We are thrilled and ready to support this groundbreaking work to modernize all aspects of the entire software development lifecycle that will ultimately enhance Air Force's combat capability and establish an environment for the level of remote and rapid communication required to fulfill warfighters' needs throughout the DOD.”

About Dark Wolf Solutions

Dark Wolf, as the alpha of technology, is a small business who combines the most innovative emerging technologies with deep federal domain expertise through cutting-edge intelligence services, DevSecOps agile software development, information operations, penetration testing and incident response, applied research and rapid prototyping, machine learning, and engineering services.

About At-NetImpact

At-Impact is an unpopulated Joint Venture under the Small Business Administration 8(a) Mentor/Protégé program between NetImpact Strategies, Inc (NetImpact) an 8(a) participant and an Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) as the managing partner and majority stakeholder and Attain LLC, an SBA-approved Mentor. The two CIO-SP3 Small Business Vehicles, CIO-SP3 SB - Small Business Group and 8(a) Disadvantaged Small Business Group, combine cutting-edge technology, a large and diverse pool of proven industry leaders, streamlined acquisitions, and fast provisioning. Any federal civilian or DoD agency can realize these and other advantages by choosing these Government-Wide Acquisition contracts (GWACs) from NITAAC to fulfill a broad range of mission-critical IT requirements.

NetImpact celebrates 2021 Northern Virginia Family Service Care Award
May 17, 2022

NetImpact Celebrates Collective Impact within Our Community

Each year, Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) presents the CARE Awards to recognize outstanding companies proactively making our region a better place for everyone to work, live, and play.

NetImpact is honored to be recognized as a 2021 Care Award winner. We celebrate the opportunity to be a supporter and partner of NVFS to ensure that families in Northern Virginia have access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

To learn more about NVFS and their mission, visit the NVFS website at: and consider getting involved in your community!

Kavita Kalatur Fed100
May 12, 2022

NetImpact Congratulates Kavita Kalatur for her Fed100 Recognition

In February 2022, Federal Computer Week (FCW) published their Federal 100 Award Recipients. In its 33rd year of honoring influential leaders making industry changing impacts, FCW's Fed100 award has become one of the most recognizable achievements in the federal IT market. This prestigious award is judged annually by an independent panel of Government and Industry luminaries and recognizes extraordinary contributions made by top 100 leaders across Government, Industry, and Academia organizations. The Evening of Honors gala is the first joint event celebrating the Fed100 Awardees as well as the remarkable civil servants inducted into the Government Executive (GovExec) Government Hall of Fame.

NetImpact congratulates all the leaders being recognized tonight for their dedication to public service and is especially honored that Kavita Kalatur, Chairperson and Founder, has been named to the Fed 100 list. Kavita is among other NetImpact leaders recognized for historic achievements and advances across government – including PV Puvvada, CEO, who is a four-time Fed 100 Award recipient and the 2015 Fed 100 Industry Eagle Award recipient.

Kavita immigrated to the U.S. in her early twenties, navigating her personal challenges of America's complicated public transportation timetables and the crosswalk buttons that she did not realize were at her disposal. Leveraging her adaptiveness, resourcefulness, and customer commitment, she quickly moved up the corporate ladder at major companies such as Deloitte and Oracle. She attributed her successes to her visible passion to always go above and beyond for her clients and discovered fulfillment in helping the federal government navigate America's true challenges in serving the nation with increasingly limited resources.

In 2009, Kavita founded NetImpact with the dream of serving her customers through impactful contributions made in their best interest and the goal of fostering a positive environment for equally passionate people. Under her leadership as Founder and CEO through 2021, Kavita established NetImpact as the 9th Largest Woman-Owned Business in the DC area (WBJ, 2020) backed by an award-winning culture placing the company numerous times in NVFS' CARE (Companies as Responsible Employers) and Washington Post's Top Places to Work award recipient list.

In her time as CEO, she guided her company's transition to a successful mid-tier business now focused on helping her clients tackle complex, demanding federal missions through technology that works for them. She continues to attribute her success to passion and the people that share her drive to “do the right thing,” a core value she established early on.

As the Fed100 “Voice for Mid-Tiers,” Kavita is not only lauded for her people-focused leadership to NetImpact, but across industry organizations and for her exemplary mentorship to other protégé entrepreneurs – including the creation of PSC's Mid-Tier Company work group. She held strategic positions at ACT-IAC, Professional Services Council (PSC), and AFCEA-Bethesda and active roles in fundraising for NIH Children's Inn and Fisher House. An avid believer in “paying it forward,” Kavita built philanthropic giving into the NetImpact culture – she created the NetImpact Foundation, which has raised $2.9M towards reputable charities focused in healthcare and children education.

NetImpact applauds Kavita's passion for paving the path within our company, helping people within the community, and dedicating herself to creating adaptive innovation for the public sector.

Security Armor App Logo
May 04, 2022

NetImpact Strategies Announces the DX360°™ Security ARMOR™ App

NetImpact Strategies announces the DX360°™ Security ARMOR™ app... first in a series of digital transformation SaaS solutions for Microsoft. Available TODAY in the Microsoft App Store!

DX360°™ Security ARMOR™ is a solution that unifies all information related to the accreditation process into a single, smart software native to the Microsoft platform. Built for Government, Security ARMOR drastically changes the life and day-to-day for CISOs, AOS, ISSOs, ISSMs, and all important cybersecurity team members.

So - what is it?? It is….

  • …a unified security portfolio system that provides enterprise-wide view of the cybersecurity and IA health with drill-down into the status and risk areas of individual IT investments
  • …a continuous monitoring tool that assesses for compliance and security risks affecting your cyber and IA hygiene
  • …an automated selector of NIST SP 800-53 Controls based on your Categorization level and serves as a report generator that details findings
  • …a smart workflow and progress tasker that keeps your accreditation progress on track, your POA&M burndown on schedule, and your team's workload predictable
  • artifact generator for ISSOs as well as RMF teams that stays customized to your agency's templates
  • …so much more!

DX360°™ Security Armor™ provides a single source of information, saves time, and improves management of your information security and risk compliance. It can cut your ATO process time down by 50%!

Follow NetImpact Strategies Inc. to stay plugged in for more exciting announcements from our SaaS mission solutions built on Microsoft through 2022!

Brian Rowland, Vice President of Technical Solutions
April 29, 2022 | Press Release

Brian Rowland Promoted to Vice President of Technical Solutions

Falls Church, Va. — April 29, 2022. NetImpact Strategies (NetImpact), a leading digital transformation company, announced today that Technical Director Brian Rowland has been promoted to Vice President of Technical Solutions. In this role, Rowland will be responsible for product development of NetImpact's ServiceNow offerings (three apps available in the ServiceNow store), as well as support of ServiceNow and platform implementation solutions delivered by NetImpact teams supporting federal customers.

A well-known talented ServiceNow Architect and innovator, Rowland's new role and will include leading ServiceNow efforts and integrations into multi-cloud environments that include Microsoft and AWS.

“We are excited that Brian will continue to drive execution and innovation in a more strategic capacity as we expand our product portfolio and service offerings,” said NetImpact Chief Technology Officer Naren Dasu. “Our customers are challenged with increasingly more complex modernization expectations that demand enterprise-level agility and breakthrough innovations that produce tangible outcomes. Brian is an integral part of our team that will make it happen for our customers.”

As focus continues to increase on digital transformation and IT modernization for agencies, Federal organizations find themselves tackling more complex technical challenges using less resources and facing more aggressive deadlines resulting from sunsetting plans for legacy systems and compliance mandates. To assist agency customers in navigating these compounding problems, the NetImpact Innovations team has been designing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and improving its next-generation digital transformation capabilities to make available even more simplified, ready-to-go solutions. Rowland's new role is intended to propel the strategic imperative the company has set for itself to elevate the delivery quality and agility agencies require from its contracting support system in order to accomplish their missions.

Rowland joined NetImpact in 2016 and has been spearheading its ServiceNow offerings and customer engagements since – growing NetImpact's practice by ten-fold. He has been critical to establishing NetImpact as a ServiceNow Elite Partner, a top tier certification status reserved for only the top 5% of partners. At the forefront of NetImpact's product-led solution capabilities, Rowland also led the design and implementation for the first set of ServiceNow COTS solutions available in the ServiceNow store: NIST Data Governor, Contractor On-Boarding, and Self-Service Asset Auditor. His leadership was instrumental to establish NetImpact as the platform's largest independent software vendor. Prior to NetImpact, Brian served as the NIH Lead Developer at SRA and managed all IT-related projects, expanding from web design to seat management, for S.R. Consulting. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Maryland.

About NetImpact Strategies

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) is a digital transformation disruptor solving today's challenges for our clients while readying them to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities. Serving as Trusted Advisors, we partner with customer agencies to deliver high-performance, secure digital solutions to transform operations and accelerate mission outcomes. Our comprehensive Digital Transformation 360°™ (DX360°™) capabilities empower our clients in harnessing technology to bring their strategic vision to reality and achieve impactful and lasting value.

Media Contacts

NetImpact Strategies

Naren Dasu, CTO
February 15, 2022 | Press Release

NetImpact Appoints Silicon Valley Veteran Naren Dasu as CTO

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Feb 15, 2022 — NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced the strategic appointment of Naren Dasu as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). With a technology expert reputation proven across Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco, Samsung, Waygate Technologies (previously, GE Inspection Technologies), and TiVo, Naren brings over 25 years of profound and expansive knowledge to NetImpact's market disruption strategy. Naren has managed products spanning consumer, enterprise, IoT/Industrial IoT, and video service provider markets and will lead the technology strategy and product-led solutions lifecycle to further distinguish NetImpact's market-leading, next generation (NextGen) DX360°™ capabilities.

“I am excited to join NetImpact at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation strategies in partnership with some of the largest government organizations,” remarks Naren. “I am very impressed with NetImpact's growth velocity and their success in building and delivering DX360 platform solutions in a short period of time. I look forward to leveraging my experience of building advanced technology solutions at some of the largest technology companies to lead the CTO organization.”

Prior to NetImpact, Naren most recently managed AWS' EC2 Networking VPN product that provides secure remote access for the workforce. He has experience in defining and delivering platforms for SaaS offerings on Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud deployments at scale.

Throughout his accomplished career, Naren spearheaded innovation teams, including the development of Microsoft TV's OSS-BSS systems and UI customization as well as the requirements and launch of Samsung's IoT home video camera event-based recording, edge processing, and advanced analytics. He drove the digital roadmap and AI/ML initiatives for Waygate's Industrial IoT inspections and worked on Cisco's highly scalable applications in Video Content Distribution Network and messaging platforms used by Cable/Telco Video Service Providers globally.

“We are thrilled to have a pioneering technology executive such as Naren,” said Venkatapathi Puvvada, CEO. “His hands-on expertise across a wide range of large scale solutions throughout multiple commercial industries brings our Federal customers significant advantage.”

About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) is a digital transformation disruptor solving today's challenges for our clients while readying them to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver high-performance, secure digital solutions to transform operations and accelerate mission outcomes. Our comprehensive Digital Transformation 360°™ (DX360°™) capabilities empower our clients in harnessing technology to bring their strategic vision to reality and achieve impactful and lasting value. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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ServiceNow ITAM Certification
January 06, 2022 | Press Release

NetImpact Receives ServiceNow ITAM Product Line Certification

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced that it received its IT Asset Management (ITAM) Product Line Certification. As a certified Partner in the ITAM Product Line, NetImpact's accredited ITAM Practice and PlatformFirst™ software capabilities allow customers to optimize their hardware, software, and cloud costs through the process of ServiceNow ITAM® at a Federal enterprise scope – including joining financial, inventory, contractual and risk management aspects to support tactical and strategic decisions.

Read the Press Release

About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) is a digital transformation disruptor solving today's challenges for our clients while readying them to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver high-performance, secure digital solutions to transform operations and accelerate mission outcomes. Our comprehensive Digital Transformation 360°™ (DX360°™) capabilities empower our clients in harnessing technology to bring their strategic vision to reality and achieve impactful and lasting value. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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Sharon Jimenez, CGO
January 04, 2022 | Press Release

NetImpact Appoints Sharon Jimenez as CGO

Industry veteran recruited to lead growth and accelerate NetImpact's BD engine

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Jan. 4, 2021 — NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) is excited to welcome Sharon Jimenez as its Chief Growth Officer (CGO). As a well-recognized Health and Government industry digital transformation expert, Sharon brings over three decades of business growth success. In this newly created role at the company, Sharon reports directly to Venkatapathi “PV” Puvvada, NetImpact's Chief Executive Officer and will lead all aspects of sales and business development (BD) initiatives, leveraging the company's market leading, next generation digital transformation DX360°™ solutions.

“I am thrilled to join NetImpact, reputed as an excellent Trusted Advisor for clients and an award-winning employer that empowers its teams to grow and innovate,” remarks Sharon. “NetImpact holds a phenomenal growth track record and has been heavily investing in its product-led solutions and BD operations. Their digital transformation capabilities are intelligently disruptive and tackling our customers' most challenging problems. I look forward to leading the CGO organization to scale with the market need.”

Prior to NetImpact, Sharon most recently led Civilian Healthcare BD for LMI and served as Chief Strategy and Growth Officer for ERP International, where she led opportunity wins totaling multiple billions of dollars in size. Sharon has also successfully led sales and growth at United Health Group/Optum and CGI.

“We are very pleased to add Sharon to our Executive Leadership Team to drive our business development and sales functions,” said Venkatapathi Puvvada, CEO. “Sharon's extensive experience across federal healthcare, DoD, Homeland Security, and other civilian market sectors along with her expertise in building and leading high performing teams will help accelerate NetImpact's growth journey.”

She is actively engaged in notable industry organizations including HIMSS, ACT-IAC, and AFCEA as well as several charitable organizations including the NIH Children's Inn and National Foundation for Cancer Research. Sharon is a multiple award recipient in sales achievement excellence and recognized in the 2021 IT Services Report as a Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity IT.

About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) is a digital transformation disruptor solving today's challenges for our clients while readying them to capitalize on tomorrow's opportunities. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver high-performance, secure digital solutions to transform operations and accelerate mission outcomes. Our comprehensive Digital Transformation 360°™ (DX360°™) capabilities empower our clients in harnessing technology to bring their strategic vision to reality and achieve impactful and lasting value. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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National Cancer Institute Logo
October 07, 2021 | Press Release

NetImpact Wins a New Contract to Prototype DHA's First Virtual Education Center (VEC)

NetImpact Strategies, under heavy competition, was awarded the DHA VEC Prototype contract. Our solution will create a new “source of truth” for patient educational information on a diagnosis and drive a seamless electronic health care experience for both physicians and patients.

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About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. has been a Trusted Advisor driving impact through digital transformation for the Federal Government for over a decade. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver solutions that empower them to meet their missions and achieve impactful and lasting value through our Strategic Consulting, Process Automation, Cloud, Enterprise Software Delivery, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security services. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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DHA Logo
September 22, 2021 | Press Release

NetImpact Wins the Ektropy Contract to Provide Agile Software Development and Sustainment for the Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Ektropy is a transformative solution that provides traceability between execution, planning and budgeting to enable an army of “Cost Warriors” across the DHA enterprise

Falls Church, Va. September 22, 2021 NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced today that it was awarded DHA's Ektropy Support Services contract. Ektropy is a software solution that aligns and creates visibility into organizational strategy to the people executing the vision enabling DHA leadership to make decisions based on more complete and higher quality data. Defense Health Agency (DHA) is a joint, integrated Combat Support Agency responsible for providing a medically ready force and a ready medical force to Combatant Commands as well as the delivery of integrated, affordable, and high-quality health services to over 9.5M Military Health System beneficiaries.

NetImpact will provide a full range of agile application development and sustainment services including Agile program management, systems design, systems engineering, systems integration, cybersecurity, data analytics, organizational change management, operations and maintenance. Ektropy system provides integrated insight into personnel, programs, and costs – facilitating traceability between execution, planning, and budgeting along with real-time monitoring of IT resource availability and use. Ektropy has become the new way of ensuring mission execution and success within the Deputy Assistant Director for Information Operations (DAD-IO) and the MTFs for all IT resources.

“We are honored to continue collaborating with the brilliant men and women at DHA to support Ektropy requirements.” said Lisa Liu, Director, who oversees the grand vision for Ektropy as the NetImpact Program Manager. “Team NetImpact is looking forward to supporting next generation Ektropy system to enable a culture of transparency and accountability that allows an organization of over 10,000 hard-working Americans to focus their scarce resources on what truly matters – delivering mission impact and serving beneficiaries.”

About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. has been a Trusted Advisor driving impact through digital transformation for the Federal Government for over a decade. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver solutions that empower them to meet their missions and achieve impactful and lasting value through our Strategic Consulting, Process Automation, Cloud, Enterprise Software Delivery, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security services. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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National Cancer Institute Logo
September 21, 2021 | Press Release

NetImpact Wins PM3S to Support National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT)

As a long-standing trusted partner, NetImpact has been supporting several key strategic initiatives at CBIIT. The NetImpact team has been helping CBIIT mature its governance agility and program management processes and toolsets, using technology to meet Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) and Technology Business Management (TBM) requirements.

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About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. has been a Trusted Advisor driving impact through digital transformation for the Federal Government for over a decade. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver solutions that empower them to meet their missions and achieve impactful and lasting value through our Strategic Consulting, Process Automation, Cloud, Enterprise Software Delivery, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security services. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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September 08, 2021

At-Impact Wins EUSS Tier II Contract supporting the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

At-Impact announced today that it was awarded the End User Support Services (EUSS) Tier II contract to provide the USDA CEC with onsite and remote Information Technology (IT) support.

At-Impact is a joint venture between NetImpact Strategies and Attain, LLC. At-Impact along with its teaming partner NuAxis Innovations brings deep domain expertise and insights to support CEC's large user base dispersed across more than 3,400 field, state, and headquarters offices across the U.S. and its territories, which includes: Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, and Pacific Basin.

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Praveen Announcement
September 01, 2021

NetImpact Appoints Praveen Kosgi as VP of Technical Solutions

NetImpact is excited to welcome Praveen Kosgi as the Vice President of Technical Solutions. Praveen is a visionary information systems solutions expert who specializes in driving technology transformational success for the Federal Government for over 20 years. NetImpact brings Praveen's highly recognized architectural and deep technology transformation leadership skillsets onboard as continuity of their digital transformation (DX) disruption plans.

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DX360 Announcement
July 22, 2021 | Press Release

NetImpact Launches DX360, a Set of Comprehensive Digital Transformation (DX) Disruptors

DX360° equips the Federal Government's next Go-To partner with unique capabilities fast-tracking the DX journey

Falls Church, Va. ̶ July 22, 2021 NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced the launch of DX360°, a comprehensive approach that optimizes DX efforts cohesively by addressing strategy, tools, and data. NetImpact's DX360° capabilities offer practical, proven, and ready-to-use blueprints, playbooks, and tools to accelerate Digital Transformation and reduce risk for the Federal Government.

NetImpact's DX360° contains next-generation, differentiating IPs that share a commitment to agility, adaptiveness, and a strong human connection:

  • Digital Blueprint™ embeds DX as the new “norm” through multiple dimensions: Human and Digital Competencies, IT (Data and Tech), Processes and Environment by providing Government with an actionable roadmap and prioritized activities throughout the transformation journey.
  • AgileGovernance™ energizes governance with Agile practices developing a flexible, adaptive framework to communicate and respond to change. Using a Governance Maturity Model and Blueprints – we iteratively implement enterprise governance that is adaptive to changes in objectives, goals and performance.
  • Mission-Centered Design™ infuses the Human Centered Design process with mission intimacy and an IT strategy that improves information usefulness and ecosystem integration to build cross-functional, long-term value that also meets user needs.
  • ParadigmSHIFT™ is a radical organizational change management (OCM) framework that instills multi-directional trust and reframes change management and endurance with adopters in mind for organic and lasting results.
  • Data.Impact™ is an assessment, prescriptive, and strategic methodology for improving an organization's long-term data culture and effectiveness and puts Government in control of their data, not the other way around. PlatformFirst™, a capability already launched for ServiceNow, is NetImpact's unique approach to packaging a solution suite of accelerators that drastically reduce implementation time and cost for Government by productizing best practices, software tools, workflows, and apps tailored for the specific technology in Federal space.

DX360°'s forward-learning capabilities meet all strategy, technology, and information needs to guide the Federal Government through success in the age of the digital renaissance.

About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. has been a Trusted Advisor driving impact through digital transformation for the Federal Government for over a decade. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver solutions that empower them to meet their missions and achieve impactful and lasting value through our Strategic Consulting, Process Automation, Cloud, Enterprise Software Delivery, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security services. Follow NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more.

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Best of Arlington Logo
June 02, 2021

Netimpact Strategies Inc Receives 2021 Best of Arlington Award

NetImpact is proud to receive the 2021 Best of Arlington Award in the category of Business Management Consultant! The Arlington Award Program annually recognizes the best local businesses who are leading through customer service and community involvement. NetImpact is particularly honored to be acknowledged as an exceptional company that helps make the Arlington area a great place to live, work and play, especially through difficult economic times.

NetImpact Launches PlatformFirst
May 17, 2021

NetImpact Launches PlatformFirst™, a Comprehensive Solution to Help Clients Accelerate their Digital Transformation Journey

Falls Church, Va. May 17, 2021. NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) launched today PlatformFirst™, a proven core capability designed to fast-track the Federal Government's digital modernization initiatives leveraging the full breadth of the ServiceNow® platform. PlatformFirst™ provides best practices, software tools, workflows, and apps to enable critical mission and business functions.

PlatformFirst™ provides product suites that adapts the technology to meet the Government's unique requirements to reduce cost, maximize return on investment, accelerate implementations, and improve scalability while simplifying user experience. The PlatformFirst™ product suite tailored for ServiceNow® delivers agility and creativity in the ways clients can plan, design, implement, extend, operate, and govern the ServiceNow® platform and its suite of modules.

“This game-changing solution is developed based on our industry leading expertise and ability to create next generation enterprise class digital platforms – it truly increases the Government's mission value velocity,” Stephanie Wilson, NetImpact Chief Operating Officer, remarked.

PlatformFirst™ for ServiceNow® builds off a foundation of center of enablement, accelerators, software, and apps – reducing significant development costs with the following features:

  • NetImpact Blueprints and Innovation Library: Provides a portfolio of repeatable designs, templates, tool kits, and frameworks to accelerate ServiceNow® Platform adoption
  • NetImpact SMART Automation: Delivers artificial intelligence and analytics software to automate CI/CD pipeline, data migration, testing, deployment and security compliance
  • NetImpact Integration Factory: Provides platform-complementary and pre-built integrations extending and connecting Now® platform across an agency's systems and technologies
  • NetImpact Apps: Delivers commercial low-code/no-code applications to clients through ServiceNow® app store that are readily deployable securely with in their environment

NetImpact's launch follows a rapid series of digital transformation investment news for the company, including the achievement of the coveted ServiceNow Elite Partner status last month. Chad Sheridan, NetImpact Chief Innovation Officer, shares, “Our solutions reduce customers' time to realize value from their investment in ServiceNow and establish a foundation for continued value delivery. PlatformFirst™ provides immediate returns and sets up an enterprise engine for continuing mission value.”

About NetImpact

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. has been a Trusted Advisor driving impact through digital transformation for the Federal Government for over a decade. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver solutions that empower them to meet their missions and achieve impactful and lasting value through our Strategic Consulting, Process Automation, Cloud, Enterprise Software Delivery, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security services. Visit NetImpact on their website or LinkedIn for more information.

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NetImpact Named ServiceNow Elite Partner
April 27, 2021

Digital Transformation Solutions Provider NetImpact Named ServiceNow Elite Partner

NetImpact's distinctive and advanced digital transformation acelerators fast-track adoption of ServiceNow solutions for government agencies to achieve immediate benefits.

Falls Church, Va. ̶ April. 27, 2021 ̶ NetImpact Strategies, Inc. (NetImpact) announced today that it has been named a ServiceNow Elite Partner, a top tier certification status. NetImpact met ServiceNow's remarkably rigorous set of Elite Partner certification requirements demonstrating depth of ServiceNow certified experts, diversity of implementation expertise, history of several large successful enterprise scale implementations, and exceptional customer satisfaction scores. Harnessing the power of the Now Platform, NetImpact provides solutions maximizing the scalable and extensible platform for IT workflows, employee workflows, mission workflows, and low-code/no-code applications securely.

Venkatapathi “PV” Puvvada, NetImpact's new CEO, sees the achievement of ServiceNow Elite Partner status as an exciting growth opportunity for the company and an important step to deliver significant benefits to its customers. “This is a testament to our exceptionally talented team's focus and technical depth to achieve this very hard-to-get designation.” Celebrating his two month anniversary with the company, Puvvada remarks, “Our Elite partner milestone is one of NetImpact's early steps in our exciting journey to be a market leader in digital transformation solutions.”

NetImpact Chief Innovation Officer, Chad Sheridan, indicated that more major announcements are in the works. “NetImpact recognized the Now Platform's potential from the beginning and has been harnessing the power of the Now platform to build more digitally dexterous organizations. Our end-to-end integrated solution approach enables our customers to maximize return on their investments with increased agility, security, resiliency, and scalability across their enterprise.”

NetImpact's recognition as a ServiceNow Elite Partner recognizes achievements in the ServiceNow partner assessment methodology, which identifies the activities, accomplishments, and commitments that demonstrate NetImpact's level of ServiceNow investment and go-to-market maturity.

About NetImpact

Founded in 2009, NetImpact Strategies Inc. (NetImpact) has been a Trusted Advisor driving impact through digital transformation for the Federal Government for over a decade. NetImpact partners with customer agencies to deliver solutions that empower them to not only meet their missions but also realize their strategic vision and achieve impactful and lasting value through our Strategic Consulting, Process Automation, Cloud, DevSecOps, Data and Analytics, and Cyber Security services.

ServiceNow, the ServiceNow logo, Now, Now Platform, and other ServiceNow marks are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of ServiceNow, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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NetImpact Appoints PV CEO
February 23, 2021

NetImpact Strategies Appoints Venkatapathi "PV" Puvvada as Chief Executive Officer

Falls Church, Va. ̶ Feb. 23, 2021 ̶ NetImpact Strategies (NetImpact) announced today that Venkatapathi "PV" Puvvada has been named as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Puvvada brings a strong history of results oriented operational and financial success across public and private sectors to accelerate NetImpact's Digital Transformation strategy. Puvvada will succeed Founder Kavita Kalatur as CEO and Kalatur will remain as the Chairperson of the company.

NetImpact recently announced their vision of building off their award-winning reputation as Trusted Advisors to bring next generation Digital Transformation innovations to their customers to accelerate modernization initiatives and improve mission outcomes. Puvvada previously served as President of Unisys Federal and oversaw its market leading organic revenue growth and established Unisys Federal's prominence as one of the top digital transformation companies as rated by global industry analyst firms. Puvvada is a thought leader and an active contributor to industry collaboration initiatives and led both Professional Services Council (PSC) and Industry Advisory Council (IAC) as the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Puvvada shared that his decision to join NetImpact was based on its strategic positioning for growth and an alignment of values and focus. “I am very impressed with NetImpact's digital transformation capabilities and the client-first operational model and unique people culture that established their track record.”

“NetImpact takes pride in being a mission partner, bringing the Federal Government the latest proven technologies and methodologies for outcomes-focused results,” Puvvada explained. “I look forward to building on the success achieved by Kavita and a very talented team.”

Kavita Kalatur, Founder and transitioning CEO, intends on remaining active as a Chairperson providing oversight and supporting NetImpact's strategic initiatives, “PV brings the experience, capabilities, and relationships critical to our next era. I have known PV for over 10 years and have counted on him for sound advice as we continued to grow. This gave me chance to not only follow his accomplishments, but also see firsthand his leadership style and core values which are very in line with ours.”

Puvvada holds a BS and MS in Engineering and Wharton's General Management certificate. He is a four-time Federal 100 Award recipient, six-time Wash100 Awardee, the Fed 100 Industry Eagle Award recipient for 2015, and Northern Virginia Technology Council's (NVTC's) 2010 CTO of the Year.

Covid Warriors
October 14, 2020

COVID Warriors

Today, more than 7.84 million Americans have been affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic. The FDA has made strides to give the people a fighting chance through diagnostic and antibody testing.

NetImpact Strategies would like to thank all the federal COVID Warriors for working tirelessly for the American people.

If you want to be a COVID Warrior and recently recovered from COVID-19, you can get more information at

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September 29, 2020

GovCon Finalist: Executive of the Year

Congratulations to our very own Founder & CEO, Kavita Kalatur! Through her strong leadership, commitment to our clients, philanthropic dedication, and loyalty to our employees, Kavita is being recognized as a finalist for #GovCon's Executive of the Year award.

With a “Customer-First” approach, she has built a collaborative culture where NetImpact Strategies Inc. professionals work as Trusted Advisors, focusing on delivering transformative value to customer needs and staying accountable for meaningful outcomes.

Under Kavita's leadership, NetImpact has maintained a CAGR of 75% over the last decade and more importantly, her mindset has attracted hundreds of like-minded professionals who believe in our core values and that we each can make a NetImpactful contribution.

Thank you, Kavita and thank you Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce for recognizing her diligence!

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August 12, 2020

Inc. 5000, We Made the List!

Inc. magazine revealed that NetImpact Strategies is No. 1647 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies. The list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy's most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. Intuit, Zappos, Under Armour, Microsoft, Patagonia, and many other well-known names.

We're proud to have reached this exciting milestone, and we're eager to continue our rapid growth!

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Federal News Network
May 19, 2020

The Downside of a Wildly Successful Governmentwide 8(a) Contract

The General Services Administration (GSA) recently announced that its 8(a) STARS II program has hit its $15 billion ceiling, nearly 16 months before the contract's sunset date of August 30, 2021. Stephanie Wilson, COO with NetImpact, spoke to Federal News Network's Jason Miller about the success of the program and what hitting this ceiling means for both businesses and customers.

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Chad Sheridan Featured in Podcast
April 29, 2020

NetImpact's CIO Joins Discussion in Network Disrupted's Podcast

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Chad Sheridan, appeared on Network Disrupted's podcast hosted by BlueCat's Andrew Wertkin. During the discussion, Chad talked about how to nurture innovation in a federal agency, including ways to leverage the cloud and how to switch from project to product thinking.

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Welcome Julie Olson!
April 21, 2020

NetImpact Hires Julie Olson as Business Unit Lead

NetImpact Strategies is excited to welcome Julie Olson as Business Unit Lead in our Federal Civilian Business Unit! In her new role, Julie will be responsible for ensuring delivery success, maintaining a positive customer experience, and driving innovations for our Federal Civilian customers, such as Department of Commerce (DOC), Department of State (DoS), National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). She will be dedicated to ensuring continued excellence in our delivery and execution and identifying new opportunities for NetImpact to provide more value and better mission support to our customers.

Julie has more than 15 years of comprehensive corporate and program management experience across vastly diverse organizations in the public sector including Department of Defense's (DoD) health arena – Defense Health Agency (DHA) and TRICARE, Department of Interior (DOI), Department of Transportation (DoT), and the Judiciary branch. She leads by strengthening team synergy through communication, trust, cooperation, training and development, and mentoring opportunities that help build multi-disciplinary, high-performing teams that deliver IT and financial initiatives.

In her previous role as IBA's Director of Operations, Julie focused on establishing strategic objectives, negotiating partnerships, and leading capture on $200M opportunities. Her robust portfolio consisted of the Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC), Joint Program Committee – 1 (JPC-1), the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), and more. Olson has also been involved with successful portfolio management, e-commerce, and network projects within DHA in addition to IT and acquisition efforts for US Courts, National Park Service (NPS), and Department of Transportation (DoT).

When asked about her new role with the NetImpact, Julie said, “As a frontline representative of company, I will strive to implement transformational leadership, enrich the growth of our team members, and leverage NetImpact's strengths and existing portfolios to improve client satisfaction and present solutions to the challenges they not only face today but will encounter tomorrow.”

Julie holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from American University. She is a certified PMP, Certified Scrum Master, ITIL v4, and CMMI Level 3 Auditor. Julie has also published her thesis on The Threat of Systematic and Organized Cybercrime and Information Warfare. She enjoys being engaged with the community and participating in team building exercises. Within the last year, Julie has participated in the Warrior Games and helped orchestrate employee participation in Operation Gratitude, MS Walk, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

2020 Fed Health IT Winner Logo
March 3, 2020

NetImpact Strategies Congratulates the Office of the Chief Information Officer, Department of Health and Human Services on Being a FedHealthIT Innovation Award Winner!

NetImpact Strategies is thrilled to congratulate our client, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), Office of the Chief Product Officer (OCPO) on being selected as a 2020 FedHealthIT Innovation Award winner! Our team was honored to participate in the nomination of HHS OCIO OCPO for the leading work on the ServiceNow Administration and Configuration program.

HHS is a highly federated organization using numerous disparate systems for service management in addition to other complex legacy systems. Because of these challenges, HHS OCIO OCPO had a vision to create a platform that could be leveraged for shared services across the entire Department. Helping to bring this vision to life, HHS partnered with NetImpact Strategies in 2018 to launch ServiceNow into production by building a landscape that enables enterprise-wide process automation and lays the groundwork for continuous improvement.

The ServiceNow platform has allowed HHS to consolidate systems through IT modernization. The program has also enabled the automation of highly complex processes throughout the enterprise. With this technology, the Department now has a common, single platform of record that is vendor agnostic and can leverage technologies from multiple vendors to obtain the best solution from any provider.

The ServiceNow program has laid the foundation for driving automation and innovation and helped to transform business across the entire enterprise.

See the full list of winners.

Stephanie Wilson COO
February 19, 2020

NetImpact Strategies Appoints Stephanie Wilson Chief Operating Officer

NetImpact Strategies is excited to announce the appointment of Stephanie Wilson to Chief Operating Officer. In this newly created role, Stephanie will oversee daily operations for the company, including building and scaling the organization and ensuring that NetImpact continues to successfully support its customers' mission needs as a trusted advisor.

Stephanie was most recently Chief Strategy Officer for NetImpact, focusing on business development. Under her leadership, NetImpact experienced rapid growth (with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 50 percent) and moved into several new accounts and capability areas.

“Stephanie has led NetImpact's focus on exceptional delivery to clients and is now positioned to lead our continued growth in IT Modernization, Application Development and Full Lifecycle IT,” said NetImpact President and CEO Kavita Kalatur. “Stephanie is an integral part of the NetImpact team. Over the years that I have worked with Stephanie, I have observed her decision-making. She makes decisions thoughtfully and balances what is in the best interest of the customer, the employees, the partners and the company.”

Stephanie has nearly 30 years of experience leading program and technology solutions for large-scale organizations and customer segments. Prior to joining NetImpact, Stephanie led the effort to diversify Anthem's National Government Services federal platform. Before that, she served as Senior Vice President for Acentia where she led the Health sector, growing it from $5 million to $100 million annually through strategic partnerships and working with customers across a broad set of initiatives designed to modernize federal healthcare, resulting in improved care for citizens, soldiers and veterans.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Health Information Management. She is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and is Scrum Master and ITIL v3 certified. Stephanie is a graduate of the WIT Leadership Foundry and is currently an active member of several federal government healthrelated associations and supports many social organizations in the industry.

“NetImpact's value proposition brings mission intimacy, strong capabilities and a demonstrated ability to adapt and innovate for our customers. Our dedicated team works relentlessly as a trusted advisor and I am excited and energized to be helping lead the company through its next phase of innovation and delivery excellence,” said Stephanie Wilson.

Chad Sheridan
January 23, 2020

NetImpact Welcomes New CIO, Chad Sheridan!

NetImpact is excited to welcome Chad Sheridan as our Chief Innovation Officer! As a trusted advisor to the US Federal Government, NetImpact makes continuous investments to address evolving the federal mission challenges with the best technologies and methodologies. Chad in his new role will be charged with identifying and collaborating with technology partners to develop and implement differentiating IT and business solutions that support our customers' emerging mission needs.

Chad has spent the last 15+ years developing and delivering mission-focused IT solutions across multiple Federal agencies—including leading digital transformation and customer experience efforts. Prior to accepting this new role at NetImpact, Chad served as the Chief of the Information Solutions Service Delivery and Operations Branch for the USDA Farm Production and Conservation Mission Area's (FPAC) Business Center. He was responsible for development and operations for all information systems that support the FPAC mission. Sheridan also led the effort—the leading edge of USDA's digital transformation work to meet Secretary Perdue's challenge for USDA to be the “most efficient, most effective, and most customer-focused” agency in the Federal Government. Chad also served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Risk Management Agency from June 2011 to March 2018. In that role, he was responsible for all information systems that support the Federal crop insurance program, a program that covers commodities and livestock with a total annual liability of over $100 billion. At RMA, Chad transformed the agency's IT program to embrace agile development and DevOps while leading the effort to establish an action-oriented and collaborative CIO Council within USDA. Prior to his service at USDA, Chad spent over 18 years of active duty and civilian service with the United States Navy in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Directorate, or Naval Reactors. He most recently served as Deputy CIO for the program and had previously served as Manager for Shipboard IT, focusing on improving the quality of shipboard networks and software and the capabilities and IT professionals on nuclear-powered ships. Prior to his transition to IT, Chad served as Deputy Program Manager for the design and construction of the USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH (CVN 77) and USS GERALD R. FORD (CVN 78) aircraft carrier propulsion plants.

Chad received his Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

2019 Care Award
November 15, 2019

2019 Care Award 6-Year Winning Streak and Going Strong!

NetImpact Strategies Inc. has won the CARE Award for the sixth year in a row! The Care Award recognizes employers who demonstrate extraordinary leadership and sustained commitment in creating community outreach and engagement, outstanding workplace culture, and family-friendly environments. We're looking forward to keeping the streak alive as we move into 2020!

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2019 Washington Business Journal
September 6, 2019

2019 Washington Business Journal Fastest Growing Company in Greater Washington

NetImpact Strategies Inc. has been recognized by the Washington Business Journal as one of this year's 75 Fastest Growing Companies in Greater Washington! The Fastest Growing Companies awards program has been around for over twenty years with a record number of over 2,000 private, locally based companies being considered this year.

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2019 INC 5000
August 13, 2019

We Made the List! #1790 on INC 5000

NetImpact Strategies has earned the rank of #1790 on the 2019 Inc. 5000, earning the most prestigious ranking of the nation's fastest-growing private companies.

Joining the ranks of other well-known companies such as Microsoft, Timberland, Vizio, Intuit, Chobani, Oracle, and Patagonia, the list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy's most dynamic segment—its independent small businesses. We're proud to have earned this achievement, and we look forward to continued, accelerated growth in the future!

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NetImpact a Finalist for the Moxie Award
June 26, 2019

NetImpact a 2019 Top Work Place by Washington Post

This is a huge honor and recognition for the collaborative workplace we, at NetImpact, have built together, and we are thankful to every member of our team for their roles in shaping NetImpact as a "Top Work Place".

Everyone at the company is instrumental in nuturing our culture through our shared commitment to living our core values, and we are proud to be recognized by our greatest asset - our team. Thank you!

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NetImpact a Finalist for the Moxie Award
May 15, 2019

NetImpact named a 2019 Finalist for the Moxie Award!

The Moxie Award honors the accomplishments and achievements of growing organizations in the D.C Metro area for demonstrated boldness and innovation as an integral part of their growth strategy. These organizations not only help make the DC metro area a great place to do business, but also an incredible place to live, thrive and play.

NetImpact is excited to be named a finalist for this spirited award, and proud to be recognized for our moxie!

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NetImpact is Proud to Support the Children's Inn
May 11, 2019

Over $1 Million Raised for the Children's Inn at NIH's "Evening for Hope" Event

At NetImpact, we are proud and honored to have supported Government Outreach and played a part in raising over $1M for the Children's Inn at NIH.

The Children's Inn is a residential facility that allows families with seriously ill children participating in research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to stay free of charge.

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CIO Applications Top 10 ServiceNow Consulting/Services Companies
April 30, 2019

NetImpact named a Top 10 ServiceNow Consulting/Services Company by CIO Applications

To identify leaders in the ITSM landscape that leverage ServiceNow's solution tech, along with their platforms, a distinguished panel comprised of CEO's, CIO's, analysts, and CIO Applications editorial board reviewed the most promising solution providers.

In the selection process, hundreds of vendors were assessed to understand their capabilities in mitigating IT issues. The CIO Applications board sought to review leading companies that tackled the problems associated with anomalies in system architectures by catering to the requirements of clients and enabling them with operations that are agile and scalable.

NetImpact is proud to be counted among the Top 10 ServiceNow Consulting and Services providers by the CIO Applications board.

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ISO Certification Picture
January 2018

NetImpact Strategies, Inc. Achieves Three ISO Certifications

NetImpact Strategies is proud to announce that it has been awarded the following certifications:

  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 20000-1:2011 IT Service Management
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 IT Security Management

These certifications were awarded for our Quality Management System, Information Technology Service Management System, and Information Security Management System respectively. These certifications complement our CMMI® for Development v1.3; Maturity Level 3 management framework model, ensuring a robust quality management.

"Our ability to obtain certifications in ISO 20000-1:2011 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 as well as updating our ISO 9001 certification to the latest requirements (ISO 9001:2015) exemplifies NetImpact's commitment to quality, service and security for our customer's" - Kavita Kalatur, President, NetImpact Strategies, Inc.

NetImpact Strategies' ISO 9001:2015 quality management certification is the foundation for its quality management program. The key tenants of ISO 9001:2015 are customer satisfaction and establishing processes for continuous improvement. To supplement this Quality Management System, NetImpact has also implemented ISO 20000-1:2011 IT Service Management System processes and the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 IT Security Management System.

Department of Labor Logo
December 2017

NetImpact Wins a New DOL Contract

NetImpact finished out 2017 on a high note with a contract win at the Department of Labor (DOL) to provide ServiceNow implementation and training support for the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) organization.

This is a highly visible initiative for DOL to replace their legacy IT Service Management system with ServiceNow's cloud-based platform solution. This win is a testament of our customer-focused practitioners committed to delivering exceptional value to help deepen our reputation as a top-tier ServiceNow partner. We are excited to expand our footprint in the federal civilian space and look forward to partnering with DOL to achieve their IT modernization objectives.

NCI Logo
August 2017

NetImpact Wins a New NCI Contract

NetImpact has won the Portfolio Coordination Office contract at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) which included portfolio coordination, and program and project management support for the Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (CBIIT).

Washington Post 2017 Top Work Places Logo
June 2017

NetImpact named to The Washington Post Top Workplaces 2017

The Washington Post has recognized NetImpact Strategies as one of the Top Workplaces in 2017 in the Washington D.C. area.

The Top Workplaces program was set-up to recognize companies that have a great workplace. Companies are recognized as Top Workplaces based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees.

Link to the article: The Washington Post Top Workplaces 2017

ServiceNow Bronze Partner Logo
March 2017

ServiceNow Bronze Partner

NetImpact Strategies has earned ServiceNow Bronze Partner for the Services Partner Program. This achievement recognizes the experience, knowledge, and proven excellent customer satisfaction results delivered by NetImpact Strategies to our U.S. Government clients for implementing ServiceNow. Attaining ServiceNow's Partner Program Bronze level requires the highest level of certification offered as well as accreditation in ServiceNow products, ensuring that our experts deliver the highest quality and best value services to our clients. In return, NetImpact Strategies will gain access to valuable resources to provide continuing expertise to clients.

FinCEN Logo
February 2017

NetImpact Wins New Contract

NetImpact has won a single award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) to provide PM Services worth $4.5M at the Department of the Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). NetImpact's first task order is providing CPIC and Governance support.

Fed Health IT Logo
January 2017

Kavita Kalatur Named to the 2017 FedHealthIT100!

NetImpact President, Kavita Kalatur, was named as one of the 2017 FedHealthIT100in recognition of her contribution to the Federal Health IT Market.

The FedHealthIT100 honors those individuals recognized for driving change and advancement in the Federal Health Information Technology Market. Nominated and chosen by their peers, some common themes among those who were selected include the desire and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, to go above and beyond, to drive innovation, and to give back to the larger Federal Health IT and Consulting community.

Link to the announcement: FedHealthIT100 Winners

Link to the magazine: Winter 2017 FedHealthIT Magazine

January 2017

NetImpact Wins New Contract

NetImpact's first win for 2017 is at the National Credit Union Administration. This win enables NetImpact to build a new capability in Service Desk Support.