Digital Transformation Capabilities

Delivering 360° Impact

NetImpact maximizes the benefit of Digital Transformation by creating a cohesive approach addressing strategy, tools, and data using our DX360° capabilities. Considering Strategy, Technology, and Information and their interdependencies through a holistic and comprehensive lens, our DX360° Capabilities offer practical, proven and ready-to-use blueprints, playbooks and tools to accelerate Digital Transformation and reduce risk. We create an effective and sustained DX experience by embedding DX organization-wide as the new “norm”, sparking digital capability innovation, creating adaptive services that enhances the customer experience.


NetImpact's PlatformFirst™ product suites enable customers to rapidly gain value for their investment(s) and maximize returns throughout the investment lifecycle. As an approach to design and build, automation and integration that extends enterprise technology platforms, the PlatformFirst™ product suites use a combination of best practices, engineering blueprints, and value-added software and apps as accelerators. By architecting and constructing a sustainable platform early on, our teams deliver applications and implementations tailored to maximize efficiency, adoption, and return on investment, which fast-tracks our clients' digital modernization initiatives.

Digital Blueprint™

Creates an effective and sustained DX by embedding DX organization-wide as the new “norm”, sparking digital capability innovation, and focusing on actionable intelligence and meaningful metrics.


Sets up an iterative approach to transformation that assigns available capacity to strategic priorities in a transparent and accountable manner while enabling cross-functional collaboration, empowering the people.

Mission-Centered Design™

Enable mission value through systems and processes designed to be cross-functionally integrated for long-term mission serviceability, architectural soundness, actionable decision insights, and positive interactions.


Instill multi-directional trust and re-frame existing OCM from the perspectives of the targeted change adopters to drive transparent and organic change. Create engaged collaboration and balance between organizational outcomes and staff needs.


NetImpact's assessment, prescriptive, and strategic approach for improving an organization's data culture and effectiveness over the long term.