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Public Sector Case Management


Public Sector Case Management (PSCM) is an application with mobile-enabled portability that simplifies the full lifecycle of case management - from inception through resolution and closeout. With an intuitive interface and the worry-free protection of sensitive investigative information secured on the accredited Microsoft 365 platform, the PSCM solution reduces administrative burden for case workers and agents by 20%. Built on Azure and PowerPlatform with lowcode extensibility and high-availability scalability, it also natively integrates with Microsoft 365, Azure AD, and other mission products on the agency Office 365.

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Key Features

  • Workflow automation, investigative activity management, and review/approval flows provide a seamless end-to-end experience for complaint handling, case opening, tracking, reporting, and longitudinal updates. Case assessments and intake forms vary based on case type selection and cases can be closed at any stage with noted explanations to maximize research and resolution flexibility
  • Alerts notify users when an change occurs or actions to take for next steps - simplifying supervisory case reviews, real-time information sharing that respects time criticality, and communication timing demands for geographically dispersed collaboration.
  • Role-based and need-to-know access control on a Microsoft-native platform enable tight and flexible information access management while inheriting the security control protections of the agency Microsoft 365 accreditation. Collect important PII information or respond to FOIA requests while protecting sensitive data.
  • Smart cross queries using embedded AI/ML and search actions using stackable criteria instantly identify suspects, co-conspirators, witnesses, and other persons of interest to expedite research and investigations.


  • Automated Activity Workflows
    Automation and configurable workflows improve information accuracy, increase time efficiency, and reduce morale and workload costs for the agency.
  • Centralized Records Management
    Supplementary files upload and export to a centralized location and is maintained throughout the lifecycle with a single source of truth for all documentation related to the case to eliminate fragmented collection that relies on emails, Sharepoint, etc. Agents can generate a summary report of the case using a single click. With images, videos, web searches, and other files directly contained in PSCM and the ability to link cases, agencies enjoy stronger research effectiveness, effortless records management, insightful reporting, and higher productivity.
  • Integrated Enterprise Context
    Analytics, reports, and dashboards provide real-time status and metrics for case progress, case portfolio health, trends, resolution patterns, as well as team cycle time, caseload, and upcoming assignments.